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Arts and cultural administration

  • How can you have your cake and eat it? (pdf)
    Arts and culture under existing socialism and existing capitalism in Hungary. A  lecture held at the Hunter College, City University of New York, December 19, 2009)


  • Hungary Arts directory

Tim Doling, Sándor Striker, Mária Arapovics (eds.). A comprehensive guide to cultural institutions and training centres in Hungary, 414 p., Visiting Arts, London, 1999



The press booklaunch of Hungary Arts Directory at the Magyar Szalon of the Hungarian Cultural Center, June 1999. From right to left: Tim Doling, Mária Arapovics and Sándor Striker editors.

Attending the booklaunch: Andrew James Horton (Kinoeye), Veronika R. Hahn (Népszabadság), Peter Sherwood (SSEES, University College, London), Bridget Guzner (British Library) and a journalist unknown. (below)


The Budapest press booklaunch of the Hungary Arts Directory at the National Széchényi Library, July, 1999. From right to left Paul Dick director (The British Council, Hungary), József Pál Undersecretary of State for Culture and Sándor Striker director (Hungarian Cultural Center, London).

Journalists and arts administrators attending the booklaunch. (below)


  • Act on Cultural Administration

After the introduction of multi-party democracy to Hungary I was invited to join the Ministry of Education and Culture where I worked on cultural legislation and sponsorship. Appointed to Director General in 1994 my task was to coordinate the working group on the new act on Community Culture and to represent the Ministry in Parliamentary panel discussions in the final phase. I was pleased that the act prepared got approved by the Hungarian Parliament on December 15, 1997.