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Curriculum Vitae

Sándor F. Striker, PhD
Habilitated Associate Professor


Institute of Adut Education Research anf Project Managemen

Faculty of Education and Psychology                                               Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest                                                 

Honours and prizes

  • Teacher of the Year Student Award, Andragogy BA and MA, ELTE PPK, 2014
  • Rector's Diploma of Merit, ELTE 2013
  • Teacher of the Year Student Award,  Andragogy BA full time students, ELTE PPK, 2012
  • Teacher of the Year Student Award,  Andragogy MA corresponding students, ELTE PPK, 2012
  • Teacher of the Year Student Award,  AndragogyBA and MA, ELTE PPK, 2011
  • Diploma of Merit of the Minister of Culture and Education, 1994
  • Berzsenyi Award, 1972

Work Experience

2005 – associate professor

Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary

  • 2013 – Editor in Chief of the new journal Andragógia és Művelődéselmélet /Andragogy and Cultural Theory/ available online at
  • 2012 – conceptualized and organized The University of the Third Age – for Active Ageing for the Eötvös Loránd University in co-operation with the Capitol City of Budapest, with 30 lectures per academic year with an internet outreach of over 6 thousand viewers the first year
  • 2010 – executed research into quality ageing through learning for the Eötvös Loránd University and for the Újbuda District of the Capitol City of Budapest
  • PhD student supervisor at the Doctoral School of Education of the ELTE University 
  • invited to join the curriculum workgroups for the accreditation of the new Cultural Studies BA, Cultural Mediation MA and Community Education MA programs, presently under approval
  • for courses see below at “Courses”


2004 – 2005     Assistant Professor

University of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary

  • Arts Management and Marketing

2003 –   Tempus–Grundtvig training program trainer, Regen, Germany and Budapest, Hungary


2000 – 2004   Chief Counsellor

Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Hungary


1998 – 2000    Cultural Attaché

Hungarian Embassy, London, U.K.

  • As of March 1, 1999 I was appointed as Director of Social Sciences and Education of the Hungarian Cultural Centre, London. Amongst others I launched two series of seminars: one with the participation of British and Hungarian academics, while the second for young Hungarian scholars in the U.K. I run the Hungarian Film Club introducing the latest releases.
  • As of May 1, 1998, I was appointed as the Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Hungary and at the same time the founding Director of the Hungarian Cultural Centre in London. I launched a variety of cultural programs, a regular information booklet, constructed a website and set up the library.


1991 – 1998    Director General 

Ministry of Culture and Education, Hungary

  • received a Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Culture and Education (1994) and rewards from the State Secretary (1996, 1997).
  • In 1997-98 I worked out the "Ithaca-project" for saving literary and scientific remains of Hungarian exiles and other expats who died abroad. The project was run by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.
  • Between 1993-1997 I was in charge of conceptualizing a new act on cultural provisions in Hungary, which had taken more than four years to be executed from the first scratches till the three-months long parliamentary panel debates. The new act was approved by the Hungarian Parliament in December 1997, guaranteeing basic cultural rights and a subsidy system for cultural institutions and services in Hungary – with a dedicated chapter on local community culture.
  • In 1997 I initiated the project of "Library-Friendly Local Government", which gradually grew into a general pattern of a nationwide matching grant system between the local and the central government.
  • In 1995 I proposed a project to launch the Year of Public Libraries in Hungary to improve the conditions of public libraries as well as to raise the general awareness to reading and libraries. It was executed as a sub-program of the National Cultural Fund a year later with  $ 0,8 million.
  • In 1991 I became the co-ordinator of a new community cultural project, aiming at financing traditional and other local creative cultural activities. In charge of a fund equivalent of $ 1 million, we were to work out the principles and rules of a democratic, open system of competition-based financing of the field. In 1991 the project sparkled 3774 applications while 9040 in 1992.

1989 – 1990   Fellow-in-Residence

The Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies, Wassenaar

  • ten months academic research and lectures in the field of comparative cultural theory – resulting in the comparative chapter of my PhD thesis and the book titled 'The Reconstruction of The Tragedy of Man' .


1987 – 1991    Research Fellow 

Institute of Philosophy

Hungarian Academy of Sciences



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Social Engagement

  • Member of the Adult Ecucation (Andragogy) Subcommittee of the Committee of Education of the Hingarian National Academy of Sciences 2014-
  • Member of the Board of Supervision of the Association of the Friends of the House of the Traditions 2008 –
  • Chairman of The Foundation for Cultural Diversity 2007 – 
  • Member of the Association of Large Families 2003 –


Courses taught

  • European Studies, BA course
  • Theory of Culture, BA course
  • Cultural Management in English, BA course
  • International Adult Education Systems, MA course
  • Academic Language skills for Andragogy and Cultural Theory, PhD course
  • Workshop in English for PhD Students, PhD course

Road Scholar Series

  • Lectures for groups of American teachers on the art and cultural history of Hungary.


List of Publications