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The Sound of One Hand

Two hands clap and there is a sound. What is the sound of one hand?
      Hakuin Ekaku

Farewell to 2014

A few days are left before the end of 2014 – let’s put together the family anniversaries of this year.


It is the addiction to power and control which is the most harmful, as other addictions represent danger to the person, while addiction to power is a danger for others.

Elections Hungary 2014 - The Epitaph

OSCE published their final report on the 2014 elections in Hungary.

How's Life?

How is life? According to a recent OECD report there is quite a long way between the life satisfaction of the Hungarians and that of the Swiss.

The Two Types of Rock Stars

When one mentions rock stars, evidently means musicians, mostly from the 1960ies on. Rock and roll came and took it all. For us – here in Eastern Europe – it was a miracle from the real world, accessible through blurred radio stations like Radio Free Europe and the distant Radio Luxemburg.

They Never Walk (Away) Alone

I would have never thought that I would paraphrase texts in these pages. Yet it caught me by surprise, that men who are in love with their own power not only never walk alone, but never resign voluntarily - they never walk away alone.

Orbán should resign

’O wicked wit and gifts, that have the power
So to seduce!’

Shakespeare: Hamlet, Act I, Scene V,


Nuclear or other

Remaining nuclear or changing for something else - an issue in California as well:

Global warming

It is summertime. First days of July - terribly hot in the States as well as in Europe. That has not been a problem before, California and Riviera beaches bear emblematic memories of high life summers.